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Regency Rehab™

For patients with a serious illness, injury, or age-related disability, sub-acute care and rehabilitation can pose a major challenge. Once the need for acute care has passed, patients who require these types of services must look beyond the hospital for care. That’s why healthcare professionals and families throughout New Jersey have come to rely on Regency Rehab™to fill this crucial transitional role to bridge hospital and home.

Regency Rehab’s approach to rehabilitation is informed and driven by the same unique experience and philosophy that guides our long-term care mission. We think of each individual in our care as a “total patient” while focusing on his or her specific rehabilitation needs.

Whatever the condition, our comprehensive sub-acute rehabilitation and skilled nursing services, combined with our unique approach to care, consistently produce successful results for our rehab patients.

Additionally, our care continues once a patient has been discharged home. Our unique Homeward Bound™ program provides additional support to ensure ongoing health and independence.

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Regency Grande Post-Acute, Rehab & Nursing Center
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